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China will Protect Steel Pipe Companies Legitimate Rights

Posted by: Time:2017.03.29 22:34

Chinese ministry of commerce said that it will take the necessary steps to protect the legitimate rights of Chinese companies following anti-dumping measures taken by the European Union.

The remarks came after Friday's decision by the European Commission to levy anti-dumping duties on stainless steel pipe products manufactured by Chinese businesses for a five-year period, with duties ranging between 30.7% and 64.9%.

Mr Wang Hejun head of the MOC trade remedy and investigation bureau, said that the move by the European Commission violated World Trade Organization rules, and China was highly concerned about trade protectionism by the European Union in the iron and steel sector.

Mr Wang said that the European Commission in its investigation disregarded facts and materials provided by Chinese companies, continued to use the "unfair and unreasonable" surrogate country approach, seriously affecting Chinese companies' interests. Chinese government hopes the European Union will abide by WTO rules and cease the surrogate country approach.

Mr Wang added that anemic global economic recovery and waning market demand were the fundamental reasons for difficulties facing the iron and steel sector, and all countries should work together to overcome these challenges and take trade remedy measures in a restrained way.

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