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Principle and Characteristics of Heat Treatment for Boiler Tube

Posted by: Time:2017.05.18 02:40

After quenching immediately get a high hardness for steel with higher carbon content, and the plasticity is very low. However, in the low-pressure boiler tube just quenched, the strength and hardness is not immediately increased, as for the plastic not only did not decline, but has increased. After this quenched alloy, the strength and hardness will be significantly improved which it placed for some time (4 to 6 days), and the plastic is significantly reduced. After quenching in the low-pressure boiler tube strength, hardness increases with time and significantly improves the phenomenon, it called aging.

In the low-pressure boiler tube heat treatment is the choice specification of a heat treatment, and control the heating rate rose to a certain temperature for a certain period of time to a certain speed of cooling, and changes the organization of boiler. Its main purpose is to improve the mechanical properties of the boiler, enhance corrosion resistance, improve the processing type, and obtain dimensional stability.

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