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Usage of Threaded Flanges

Posted by: Time:2017.07.21 01:34

Threaded flanges look very similar to Slip-On flanges but the main difference is that the threaded flange has been was bored out to match a specific pipe inside diameter. The backside of this center opening is then threaded with the relevant-sized tapered pipe thread.

Threaded Flanges can be used in very high pressure services and their major advantage is that they can be assembled without welding.

Uses of threaded flanges :

1.Threaded flanges can be fitted to pipes of various sizes without welding and this is one chief benefit for which these flanges are highly demanded.

2. Used in extremely high pressure applications, particularly at or near atmospheric temperature, where the necessary post weld heat treatment is not possible.

3. They are ideal for small diameter piping applications.

4. These threaded flanges are normally designed for non-cyclic applications.

5. The flanges are suitable to be used in applications where welding is hazardous.

6. They can be used in highly explosive areas.

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