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How to Control Inner and Outer Surface Quality of Seamless Steel Pipe

Posted by: Time:2017.07.26 01:46

Seamless steel pipe internal and external surface defects on the performance of high-pressure boiler tubes using have a great influence, for use in the production process, mainly the following measures to control quality.

1, the heating of the ingot, billet surface and perforation of the capillary inner and outer surfaces and determined by the money shortage tube outer diameter surface to remove oxide skin, eliminating the resulting scarring and other defects.

2, the use of high-quality work, excellent mold and process for lubrication to prevent sticking during rolling of steel, defects, excessive wear and other phenomena, to eliminate the resulting straight, scratching, rolling off, cracks and other defects.

3, use of protective gas heat pipe. No shielding gas should be heat-treated steel shot blasting, sanding, etc. Overall, the surface of iron oxide to eliminate defects and improve surface quality and ease of surface inspection.

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