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What anticorrosive materials are used in spiral steel tubes?

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.04.29 20:46

The material used for anti-corrosion processing of spiral steel pipe plays a decisive role in the quality of anti-corrosion steel pipe. When anti-corrosion processing is carried out, the raw materials must be strictly tested, and the anti-corrosion materials required for different anti-corrosion processing are different.

1. Epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosion mainly applies asphalt anticorrosive paint and polypropylene non woven fabric.

2. The main raw materials used in 3PE anticorrosive steel pipes are polyethylene and polypropylene.

3, cold wrap belt refers to the adhesive tape used for anti-corrosion winding, cold wrap tape generally includes polyethylene anti-corrosion tape, polypropylene reinforced fiber anti-corrosion tape, aluminum foil anti-UV anti-corrosion tape, polyethylene 660 tape, double-sided adhesive anti-corrosion Tape and epoxy coal bitumen anti-corrosion tape. The implementation standards are SY/T 0414-98 and SY/T0447-96.

4. Epoxy resin anticorrosive steel pipe mainly uses epoxy resin composite coating, phenolic epoxy coating and polymer composite material.
5. Cement mortar is mainly suitable for cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe.
6. Heat shrinkage band is generally used to repair the joint of anticorrosive steel pipe, which is designed for the anticorrosive and thermal insulation of buried and overhead spiral steel pipe welds. It is composed of radiation crosslinking polyolefin base material and special sealing hot melt adhesive. Special sealing hot melt adhesive can form good bonding with polyolefin base material, steel pipe surface and solid epoxy coating. 

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