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Several treatment methods for seamless steel pipe pickling and passivation

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.05.14 21:18

First, pickling passivation seamless tube impregnation method. Stainless steel pipelines, elbows, small pieces, etc. are most suitable for this method, and the treatment effect is best. Because the processing member can be fully immersed in the pickling passivation solution, the surface of the pickling passivation seamless tube is completely reacted, and the passivation film is dense and uniform. This method is suitable for continuous batch operations, but it is necessary to continuously replenish the new liquid as the reaction concentration of the solution is lowered. The disadvantage is that it is limited by the shape and capacity of the acid tank, and is not suitable for steel pipes with large volume and super long and wide. Long-term use of the solution will not be effective due to volatilization, etc., requiring a dedicated site, acid pool and heating equipment.
Second, pickling passivation seamless tube paste method. Stainless steel pickling passivation paste is widely used in the market, manual operation, suitable for on-site construction, applicable to stainless steel chemical container weld treatment, welding discoloration, corner dead angle, back of escalator and large area of application passivation. The advantage of the paste method is that no special equipment and site are needed, no heating equipment is needed, the field operation is flexible, the pickling passivation is completed once, and the independence is strong. The passivation paste has a long shelf life, and the new passivation paste is used once for each application. After the surface layer is passivated, the reaction stops, it is not easy to over-corrode, and is not restricted by the subsequent rinsing time. The weak links such as welds can also be used. Strengthen the passivation. The disadvantage is that the worker has poor operating environment, high labor intensity and high cost, and the treatment effect on the inner wall of the stainless steel pipeline is slightly poor, and other methods need to be combined.
Third, the seamless steel pipe pickling spray method. Suitable for site-fixed, closed environment single product or simple internal structure pickling passivation, such as spray pickling process on sheet metal production line, stainless steel chemical container, can be used for pickling on the inner wall of the container. The utility model has the advantages of high continuous operation speed, simple operation mode, small influence on corrosion of workers and high utilization rate of solution. There are many restrictions on this method, such as: 1, There must be no residue or impurities in the container. 2, The acid washing liquid stays in the container for too long, and the reaction will cause over-corrosion of the stainless steel. Therefore, continuous operation is required, and a large amount of cleaning water is prepared at any time. In case of power failure, water stoppage, and shutdown, serious consequences may occur. 3, waste acid, wastewater discharge must have a larger container. 4, As the reaction time increases and the impurity of the solution increases, the effective component of the pickling solution gradually decreases. The concentration of the solution must be detected at any time and the new liquid should be replenished in time.

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