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Ukrainian president will stop the Nord Stream 2 natural gas project

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.06.06 02:00

Recently, the "Nord Stream 2" natural gas project signed between Germany and Russia can be said to have violently 

oscillated throughout Europe. As is known to all, since the establishment of NATO and the European Union, European 

countries have almost implemented sanctions against Russia, which is the main reason for the serious lag of the Russian 

economy. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the European Economic Forum: In 2018, European sanctions 

against Russia cost Russia more than 50 billion US dollars, but Europe itself lost $120 billion due to sanctions. Putin said: 

We really can't compare with the rich EU, but this kind of sanction will only cause us and Europe to suffer huge losses 

and let others gain huge benefits.

According to the project plan, the “Nord Stream 2” natural gas project mainly relies on the Baltic Sea, Finland, Denmark 

and other countries. It transports about 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Germany every year, saving more than 

US$1.2 billion per year for Germany. On May 28, local time, Germany officially established the project and signed a 

contract with Russia. At present, Russia has begun to set up pipelines in Finland and the Baltic Sea region, leaving only 

Denmark to issue construction permits. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an interview with the media: "The "Nord 

Stream 2" natural gas project is in line with European interests and hopes that the United States and other countries will 

not deliberately intervene and destroy." However, the United States issued a severe warning to Germany almost simultaneously.

In an interview with the media, US lawmakers said: We have at least five kinds of sanctions that will allow Germany to stop 

the "Nord Stream 2" natural gas pipeline project. Since Trump took office as the US president, there are almost two means 

to the outside world: war and sanctions! Whether it is an ally or other competing country, Trump is notorious for waving 

"sanctions". As the first economic power in Europe, Germany's GDP is second only to the United States, China and Japan, 

ranking fourth in the global economy. It can be said that Germany is an important exporter of NATO joint defense military 


However, after the United States proposed to increase joint defense military spending, and after preparing for a new round 

of cold war, the attitude of Germany was 180 degrees. Germany, which has stood at the peak of the world economy, cannot 

afford such high military expenditures. Moreover, it is exported to American soldiers. This is tantamount to raising the 

American army with European wealth. Thus, on the occasion of the "70th anniversary of NATO's establishment", German 

parliamentarians announced on the spot that they must reconsider the significance of NATO's existence. He also said that if 

NATO cannot protect Europe and instead becomes a tool for the United States to manipulate conflicts, then Germany hopes 

that NATO will be dissolved on the spot.

It has to be said that the attitude of Germany is becoming more and more fierce, which has caused hesitation in the United 

States. However, Zelensky, who was just elected to the Ukrainian president, did not realize the crisis. According to the 

announcement of Kiev, on June 4, local time, Zelensky publicly announced that it would do its utmost to stop the "Nord 

Stream 2" natural gas project. In order to avoid conflicts with the sharp Ukrainian conflict, Russia and Germany, Norway and 

other countries have identified the "Nord Stream 2" natural gas pipeline, deliberately bypassing Ukraine and erecting 

pipelines from the Baltic Sea. The cost itself is much higher than the land cost. However, the new Ukrainian President 

Zelensky is more daring and straightens his hand to the Baltic Sea.

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