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Steel Tubes - A Part of Everyday Life

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.06.12 02:31

In the mid nineteenth century, steel began to be mass-produced, due to the Bessemer process, and it was produced cheaply too. 

Although steel is now used extensively in almost all industries, in myriad forms, and has many applications and uses, the most 

commonly seen and used are Steel Pipes and Steel Tubes. Iron Pipes and Tubes have been used for over two centuries, but these 

were prone to rusting. Steel making has improved over the past century and is now used in various industries in different forms. 

Steel is used as plates of various sizes, shapes, and thickness, pellets, pipes, and tubes.

A pipe is generally considered as a hollow cylinder or hollow tube and is normally used to carry or transport some material but can 

also be used as components in structures. A pipe is measured by its internal diameter, while tubes are generally described by the 

external diameter. Steel Pipes and Steel Tubes have many uses including domestic and industrial water supply systems for carrying 

water from the pumping stations to residential homes, office buildings, and industrial plants, and as part of internal and external 

plumbing. Large, extensive steel pipelines are also used for the transportation of natural gas and drinking water to cities and 

industrial plants, which are located far away from the source. Some steel pipelines are also used for transporting chemicals to and 

from industrial and manufacturing plants, both internally, and externally to consumers. Although pipelines can also be used to

transport sewage, slurry from iron foundries, and even beer in breweries, the most important use for Steel pipes is transportation 

of drinking water for domestic use, crude and processed oil, and natural gas.

Steel Pipes and Steel Tubes are not only used extensively on earth, but they are an integral part of space exploration, satellite 

construction, the Space station, Launch pad construction for launching rockets, and the rockets themselves. Without the tensile 

strength of steel, space exploration and satellite communication may not have been possible at all. Steel is also used in the medical 

field and is used extensively in machines and tools for surgery, hip and joint replacements, as plates in skull fracture cases, as braces 

for straightening teeth, as tubes in crutches, and as supports in leg and hand bone fractures. Steel Tubes and Steel Pipes, and Steel 

in its various forms, is used so extensively that a human will come in contact with, or use it in some way, every day. Right from the 

moment you get up in the morning and wash your face; you come in contact with a pipe carrying water through the tap. You take a 

shower and you come in contact with steel. You eat breakfast and use steel forks and knives. You take a cab, train, or bus to office, 

and these are made with steel as plates, tubes, and pipes. Wherever you go and whatever you do, Steel is always close to you.

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