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Classification of steel

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Steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content between 0.04% and 2.3%. In order to ensure its toughness and plasticity, 

the carbon content generally does not exceed 1.7%. In addition to iron and carbon, the main elements of steel include silicon, 

manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus. There are various steel types in the classification of steel. The main methods are as 


1. Steel is classified by quality
(1) Ordinary steel (P ≤ 0.045%, S ≤ 0.050%)
(2) Excellent steel material steel (P and S are ≤0.035%)
(3) High-quality steel (P≤0.035%, S≤0.030%)
2. Classified by chemical composition
(1) Carbon steel: a, low carbon steel (C ≤ 0.25%). b, medium carbon steel (C ≤ 0.25 ~ 0.60%). c, high carbon steel (C ≤ 0.60%).
(2) Alloy steel:
a, low alloy steel (total content of alloying elements ≤ 5%).
b, medium alloy steel (total content of alloying elements > 5~10%).
c, high alloy steel (total content of alloying elements > 10%).
3. Steel is classified according to the forming method:
(1) Forged steel. (2) Cast steel. (3) Hot rolled steel. (4) Cold drawn steel.
4. Steel is classified according to metallographic organization

(1) Annealed state: a, hypoeutectoid steel (ferrite + pearlite). b, eutectoid steel (pearlite).c, over-co-steel steel (pearlite 

+ cementite).d, Leysite steel (pearlite + cementite).

(2) Normalized state: a, pearlitic steel, b, bainitic steel, c, martensitic steel, d, austenitic steel.

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