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Manufacture of welded mechanical tubes

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.08.12 20:42

 1. The manufacturing process of welded mechanical tubes begins with steel coils, which are cut to the appropriate width for the 

desired tube size.

 2. This cut strip passes through a series of rolls that gradually make it tubular.

 3. Next they pass through an electric resistance welder that joins the edges under pressure to complete the tube shape. This tube 

then goes through a series of welding resistance checks.

 4. In the welding process no matter is added to the tube, since the composition of the weld is the same as that of the tube. Welding 

leaves a small amount of flash on the inner and outer surfaces of the tube, which is removed by polishing processes to provide a 

smooth contour and maintain tolerance of external dimensions (O.D. in English). The internal flash can also be reduced to different 

degrees if the use of the tube requires it.

 5. After removing the flash, the tube is cooled and given the required size by a series of finishing rollers. In the event that the tube 

is required in a way that is not round (usually square or rectangular), it passes through shaping rollers to give it the desired shape 

and dimensions.

 6. It is then cut to the necessary length. For particularly demanding applications, the tube can also be tempered for optimum hardness 

and ductility.

Welded mechanical tubes are manufactured by joining a strip cut with an electric resistance welder.

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