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Manufacturing of seamless mechanical pipes

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It can be done by hot extrusion, that is, metal pressure through a matrix or a series of matrices, resulting in a certain form of constant 

cross-section through a mechanical or hydraulic press. It is usually used with aluminum, copper and its alloys, for electrical wiring, bars 

and tubes.

 1. Alloy press bars are cut into smaller pieces and heated in an induction furnace up to 450-500 ° C.

 2. The bars are pressed with great force using a high speed (about 5ñ50 m / min) through a hollow tool. The result is a metal profile 

whose length is between 25-45 meters.

 3. Immediately after pressing, the profile is cooled with air or water. To cool the high temperatures and pressures and their adverse 

effect on the life of the die, as well as other components, good lubrication is necessary. Graphite oil and glass powder are two examples 

of common lubricants.

 4. The profile is straightened and internal tensions are released by stretching it on a traction machine just after cooling.
 5. The profile is cut to the required length.

 6. The profile is aged (oxidized) to give strength to the material, either by natural aging at normal temperature or artificial aging at an 

elevated temperature of 170-185 ° C.

The extrusion can also be cold. It is done at room temperature or slightly elevated and is useful to withstand the stresses created by 

extrusion. Its strengths are that there is no aging process to strengthen the material, since it will have good mechanical properties as 

long as the temperatures created are below the recrystallization temperature, and a good surface finish.

It is usually used with copper, lead, tin, aluminum alloys, titanium, molybdenum, vanadium or steel, in the manufacture of parts such as 

folding tubes, blank gears, aluminum cans, cylinders, etc.

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