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Advantages of the construction tubular profile

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.08.12 20:03

Although the tubular profiles can be replaced by open profiles in construction structures that are often more resistant and more stable, 

the tubular profile can save on material, being hollow, and allows designers a wider field to work the aesthetics in addition to functionality, 

achieving resistant, lightweight and cost effective structures. In general, tubular profiles admit elements that are more slender than open 

profiles for the same centered compression load and under the same conditions.

Here is a list with the summary of advantages of tubular profiles under construction over open profiles:
  •  They allow to introduce longer elements in the structures and fewer sections (less number of joints).
  •  If they are filled with concrete, they increase the useful square meters per plant.
  •  They allow the elimination of braces and therefore create more transparent trusses and lattices.
  •  They allow to eliminate stiffeners and cartels.
  •  They allow a great expressive capacity, since there are circular, square, rectangular and elliptical sections, and each size of tubular 
  • profile can have several wall thicknesses.
  •  They are easier to maintain.
  •  They allow to lighten weight.
  •  The structural solutions that make it possible are more cost effective.
  •  They allow shorter construction times.

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