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Why is steel important in construction and what are its advantages?

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.08.21 20:55

Steel is an alloy formed by various elements that change the properties of this material in different quantities. It is a mixture of carbon, 

magnesium, silicon, chromium, nickel and vanadium. The most important of them all is carbon because it dictates the mechanical 

properties of it. Therefore, at a greater amount, the hardness and tensile strength must increase.

The use of steel has had multiple functions that have allowed human beings to build civilizations, or destroy them. Remaining alone with 

the first idea, which is what interests us, today engineering, architecture and chemistry have each innovated in their fields, thus allowing 

a construction to reach a greater height without collapsing, or that a bridge is maintained hung before the weather and weather wear.

Therefore, steel is important in the infrastructure of a construction, especially as a reinforcement mechanism for structures. Using it is a 

success given that it allows to achieve structures of difficult execution, almost impossible to the naked eye. The reinforced call not only 

allows to support any structure, since it can also be transformed into the structure itself into certain parts and elements, taking advantage 

of the building itself if desired.

The characteristics that give this importance to steel in constructions are:

- Versatility

- Maleability

- Resistance

- Comfort

- Durability

In any construction that uses steel as a material, it should be taken into account that this material must be faithfully adapted to the structural 

designs, their plans and specifications. In addition, you should be aware of the use of the other materials to be used, since there may be a danger

of corrosion and that this weakens and endangers the safety of the construction.

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