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Understand the difference between seamed and seamless pipes

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.09.03 19:26

Steel pipes are products widely used in the metalworking industry and also in various applications in construction - building, piping, 

sanitation and natural gas conduction. They fall into two categories: seamed steel pipe and seamless steel pipe.

The difference between them is in the production and the material used, according to the technical and safety standards applied. Here 

are the characteristics of each available tube:

Steel tube with seam

During the manufacturing process it was developed by welding a sheet metal. Thus, its ends come together through the use of heat and 

specific instruments, with the soldered tips, the piece may be available in different sizes, thicknesses and diameters.

In addition, the seamed steel tube is accessible for two reasons: financial and logistic. Because the seamed tube is easily found in the trade 

and also features easy handling in cleaning and the like.

Present in the automotive, agricultural, machinery and equipment, furniture, maintenance and sugar mills, to make new products.

Seamless steel tube

Seamless steel tubes are made from steel cylinders that go through a heating process to hollow out and thus to be drilled. They are not welded 

yet, which makes them perfect for using piping in pressure systems.

The seamless steel pipe is widely used in designs and parts that require greater reliability with regard to the application of oil pressure, steam 

and other fluids that require great efforts such as hydraulic pistons and boilers.

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