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What are carbon steel pipes?

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.09.10 19:47

Carbon steel pipes are cylindrical parts made from a non-corrosive, high strength alloy. They guarantee all the necessary safety for the 

structures in which they are used.

The pipe mounting procedure is practical. This is due to the variety of models, shapes, sizes, diameters and the possibility of customization.

In addition, durability is far superior to other types of piping. Both parts and their connectors, when produced by a serious company, 

guarantee decades of functionality.

Advantages and Benefits
Among the main advantages of carbon steel pipes are:

RESISTANCE - The pipes have great resistance to external and internal pressure, as well as torsion and compression. No wonder they are 

considered part of the structure of the work.

CONSISTENCY - Carbon steel pipes have the proper density to remain stable, even in the event of flooding, exposure to intense drafts and 

fire. Leaks are not a problem, but if they do occur they are simple to repair.

ECONOMY - Steel pipe designs require faster and simpler installation operations, reducing labor costs.

AESTHETIC - Structural tubes are usually cylindrical, but there is a possibility of adaptation to rectangular or square shapes. Regardless of 

the choice, the aesthetics of the pieces enrich the look of spaces where they are exposed. Many architects and designers choose this tactic 

to add boldness and modernity to their projects.

SUSTAINABILITY - Carbon steel is a recyclable metal alloy that does not generate greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, it is an environmentally 

friendly material.

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