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Where are the steel pipes used

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.09.10 20:33

1. Civil Construction

It is very likely that the construction sector will be the one with the highest demand for steel pipe. Throughout the construction site we 

look at stocks and the different ways in which they are applied at various stages of the project.

Piping is critical for the power grid, water network, sewerage system, gas system and even staircases. Each work and its respective needs 

can be met with the carbon steel tube.

2. Industry

Many niches and industrial segments need steel pipes for their metal structures and even for directing raw materials and end products. 

They are in the machine park and at different stages of production.

Machining processes and transportation of fluids with different temperatures, chemical compositions and pressure levels are some common 

examples that illustrate this demand.

3. Oil sector

Seamless carbon steel pipe is the most widely used in the oil industry. It follows strict technical standards and standards to prevent any accidents 

or leaks.

Because it is a critical environment, alloy steel tubing is critical because of its strength. It supports variations in temperature, pressure and sulphide 


Some of the phases and areas in which the pipes are present are: oil extraction platforms, oil well intersections, processing and refining, stock 

logistics, transportation and distribution of oil and oil products, among others.

4. Automotive and Shipbuilding Sector

In the automotive and auto parts sector, the steel pipe appears in both the mechanical and electrical parts. It ensures more safety for the vehicle 

and withstands the high engine temperatures and its combustion processes.

Already in shipbuilding, the pipes are in both small boats and giant cruise ships and container ships. It is paramount that parts are safe, accurate 

and reliable to ensure the integrity of crew and passengers.

5. Fitness Equipment

Among bodybuilders, a very common term is "pulling iron." However, it is the alloy of iron with carbon that ensures the safety of the equipment 

where the exercises are done. Steel is able to withstand the weight of the structure and the pressure carried by the users.

Another great advantage of steel tube in fitness equipment is that it does not rust. Even though it is exposed to sweat and weathering, it is easy 

to clean and rust is non-existent on parts.

6. Medical Equipment

In the medical and dental field, steel tubes are widely used. They are in test equipment, oxygen tubing and numerous structural elements that depend 

on the reliability of the parts.

In addition to strength, durability is another highlight of carbon steel in this sector. Similarly hygiene and chemical safety.

7. Children's Toys

The tubing is present in playgrounds, kindergartens, playgrounds and children's play structures. Swings, slides and seesaws are just some of the 

examples we can cite.

After all, child play is serious about safety. With carbon steel tubes toys can cause less concern for parents as they withstand the weight, impact, 

weather and all the pressures they are subjected to.

8. Furniture and decoration

Furniture and furniture carry carbon steel tubes, something that has intensified especially since a few years. Architects and designers are realizing 

the versatility and grandeur of this material, which supports tables, chairs, railings, bookshelves, beds, armchairs, handrails, and more.

In more recent projects, electrical and hydraulic wiring pipes have been exposed as well. It may seem unusual, but with the refined aesthetics they 

present it can be a great idea in lofts and industrial style environments.

9. Artworks

And speaking of aesthetics, works of art can also use the steel tube as a structure or even as an attraction. Especially outdoors, parts become more 

durable and even exposed to the action of time.

A famous example is the sculpture Singing Ringing Tree. It was all constructed of steel tubes by artists Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu, and is currently on 

display in Lancashire, England.

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