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What is the difference between black and galvanized steel tubes

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Water and gas require the use of pipes to take them to residential homes and commercial buildings. The gas supply provides energy to stoves, 

water heaters and other devices, while water is essential for other human needs. The two most common types of pipes used to carry water and 

gas are black steel and galvanized steel pipes.

Galvanized pipes

The galvanized tube is covered with a zinc material to make the steel tube more resistant to corrosion. The main use of the galvanized pipe is to 

bring water to homes and commercial buildings. Zinc also prevents the accumulation of mineral deposits that can clog the water pipe. The galvanized 

tube is commonly used as a scaffolding frame due to its corrosion resistance.

Black steel pipes

The black steel tube is different from the galvanized tube, since it is coated. The dark color comes from the iron oxide formed on its surface during 

manufacturing. The main purpose of black steel pipe is to take propane or natural gas to residential homes and commercial buildings. The tube is 

manufactured without seams, so a tube for transporting gas is better. Black steel pipe is also used for fire sprinkler systems, as it is more fire resistant 

than galvanized pipe.


The zinc in the galvanized tube is detached over time, clogging the pipe. Flaking can cause the tube to burst. The use of the galvanized pipe to transport 

gas can create a danger. Black steel tubes, on the other hand, corrode more easily than galvanized ones and allow water minerals to accumulate inside.


Galvanized steel tube costs more than black steel because of the zinc layer and the manufacturing process involved in the production of the galvanized 

tube. Galvanized accessories also cost more than the accessories used in black steel. You should never join a galvanized steel tube with a black steel tube 

during the construction of a residence or commercial building.

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