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Steel, the most recycled material?

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.09.20 03:37

Recycling consists in obtaining a new product through a process based on materials that are no longer in use, in this way we can extend their

useful life, saving money, materials and benefiting the environment by generating less waste. With this we also avoid the extinction of the non-

renewable natural resources of the planet.

According to the Latin American Steel Association, steel is the most recycled material in the world, two out of every three tons produced come 

from recycling, and it is also one of the sectors that contributes most to the construction and automotive companies.


For every ton of recycled used steel, you save a ton and a half of iron ore and approximately 500 kilograms of coal used to make steel coke, which 

is the fuel used in the manufacture of this metal, energy consumption decreases by 70% and the use of water, another natural resource is reduced 

by 40%.


Steel, having so many physical properties, is an extremely useful material for different uses, and ideal for the recycling process. Being an unalterable 

metal, it does not lose malleability, hardness or resistance and can be recycled multiple times, it also contributes directly to energy savings for 

manufacturing and other raw materials such as coal, iron and water, the latter used to create first-hand steel.


The culture of recycling is increasing and it is very important that we continue to contribute to its growth. The prudent use of our resources guarantees 

us the care of the environment and therefore a better quality of life. In Bestar, a large part of the materials used to manufacture our products are 

recycled, and 100% of their waste is material that is delivered for reuse.

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