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The steel flanges produced by Bestar

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The word flange usually means a ring which is connected to a pipe, by means of a welded joint and more rarely threaded, and which is drilled with a 

standardized number of holes which, through the use of bolts, allows connection to another flange of equal size.

In the design of piping systems, the most economical jointing method is definitely butt welding, but for proper maintenance and easy assembly and 

disassembly it is essential to use steel flanges that allow easy bolted joints to be made. This allows the realization also in outsourcing of modules that 

are then assembled on site.

In this phase it is necessary to have a correct interface design process, that is to say the connections made with the flanges in order to avoid situations 

in which leaks may occur that in plants such as chemical or oil plants could have catastrophic consequences.

How the flanges are built

The construction of steel flanges can take place in two different ways:

  • the casting, or by casting steel in a mold made using the lost wax technique
  • forging, or by molding a blank that is heated to an appropriate temperature.

Of the two solutions the preferable is the second or the forging. The reason for this choice is the fact that, compared to investment casting, the forging 

allows to maintain the compactness of the material structure and avoid the appearance of inclusions that can in the next phase give rise to fluid leaks 

especially in conditions of high pressure.

Once forged, the flanges are machined using machine tools that make the sealing surfaces and the holes for the bolted joint. The processing is done on 

numerically controlled machines that allow repeatability, speed and precision. In this phase, the processing of the face that holds the seal together with 

the gasket is of particular importance, in fact it is not simply smooth but has a particular "phonographic" groove which has the purpose of retaining the 

gasket material and avoiding its expulsion. which could happen due to the strong pressures involved.

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