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What is hot dip galvanizing

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.09.24 21:10

Hot dip galvanizing is a process by which a zinc coating is applied to the steel tubes which has the function of protecting it from corrosion. This 

process takes place by immersing the manufactured articles in a bath of molten zinc, after having subjected them to specific treatments: among 

these, the pickling phase is very important, during which the tubes are immersed in tanks containing solutions of water and acid to the purpose 

of making the surface uniform by removing any traces of rust or scale. Subsequently, we proceed with a washing by immersion in water: this 

prevents the transfer of iron and acid residues to the galvanizing tanks.


The actual hot dip galvanizing takes place in the special immersion plant of Bestar, completely automated as prescribed by the UNI EN 10240 

standard. The pipes returning from the appropriate pre-treatments are immersed in tanks containing molten zinc, whose temperature is around 

450 ° C, until the temperature of the steel reaches that of zinc: in fact, at this thermal threshold, between the two metals there is a chemical 

reaction that determines the formation of the protective zinc layer on the steel pipe. Once out of the zinc bath, the tubes are cooled using special 

machinery. Parameters such as immersion time and diving and ascent rates are constantly monitored by Bestar technicians, as they are fundamental 

to the quality of the final result.

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