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A106 steel pipe three kinds of tempering

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Low temperature tempering of A106 steel pipe


A106 steel pipe is tempered at 150 - 250 °C.

The purpose is to maintain the high hardness and wear resistance of the quenched workpiece and reduce the residual stress and brittleness of the quenching.

After tempering of A106 steel pipe, tempered martensite is obtained, which refers to the structure obtained when quenching martensite is tempered at low temperature. Mechanical properties: 58 - 64HRC, high hardness and wear resistance.


Applications: Mainly used in various types of high carbon steel tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, molds, rolling bearings, carburizing and surface hardened parts.


Medium temperature tempering of A106 steel pipe


Tempering of A106 steel pipe between 350 and 500 °C.

The aim is to obtain a higher elasticity and yield point with appropriate toughness. After tempering, the tempered troostite is obtained, which means that the ferrite matrix formed during the tempering of the martensite is distributed with a fine phase structure of extremely fine spherical carbides (or cementite).

Mechanical properties: 35 - 50HRC, high elastic limit, yield point and certain toughness.

Applications: Mainly used for springs, springs, forging dies, impact tools, etc.


A106 steel pipe is tempered at a high temperature of 500 - 650 °C.

The aim is to obtain comprehensive mechanical properties with good strength, ductility and toughness.

After tempering, tempered sorbite is obtained, which refers to a multiphase structure in which fine spheroidal carbides (including cementite) are distributed in the ferrite matrix formed during martensite tempering.


Mechanical properties: 25 - 35HRC, better comprehensive mechanical properties.


Applications: Widely used in a variety of more important structural members such as connecting rods, bolts, gears and shaft parts.

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