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Steel flanges in large systems

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.11.20 20:03

Commonly steel flanges are used in larger diameter systems instead of threaded joints, to facilitate assembly, but above all disassembly. This is especially true in cases where elements such as valves, filters or other devices are inserted along the pipes, which must be removed in some way to perform maintenance or replacements.


For this purpose, the steel flanges most suited to the purpose must be chosen, and this choice depends on the size of the pipe, but also on the reference standard. This choice determines the number of bolts that will close the flange.


It is possible to choose among the steel flanges available in the catalog those that can satisfy the plant design criteria, which are able to withstand even the design stresses.


All the steel flanges, available in our warehouses, we remind you that they are made starting from the forging of a solid steel which is then worked on machine tools to obtain the perfect dimensions and finishes of the surfaces.

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