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The use, composition and advantages of anticorrosive insulation steel pipe

Posted by:Rain Time:2020.01.15 23:06

Anticorrosion and heat preservation steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe that can increase the temperature of anticorrosion and heat preservation. It is often used in people's daily life and has been widely accepted and used by people. Anti-corrosion insulation steel pipe is widely used in construction, decoration and laying of anti-corrosion pipelines, which can ensure the normal and unobstructed pipelines.

The composition of the anticorrosion and heat preservation steel pipe is relatively simple, and its composition is relatively simple, which can make people understand and imagine easily. Anti-corrosion and heat preservation steel pipe is a kind of high-density polyethylene outer sheath polyurethane foam, which is made by tightly combining a steel pipe for conveying medium, a high-density polyzene jacket pipe, and a polyurethane rigid foam insulation layer filled between the steel pipe and the jacket pipe Plastic prefabricated buried steel pipe. Just put the rust-proof and anti-corrosion steel pipe in a polyethylene sleeve, and inject polyurethane in the middle

Foam makes it fully fill the gap between the steel pipe and the polyethylene casing, and finally forms a solid whole of the steel pipe, casing, and insulation layer, and achieves the effect of anticorrosion and heat insulation, and the anticorrosion and heat insulation steel tube is formed.

The anticorrosion and heat preservation method of the anticorrosion and heat preservation steel pipe can be overhead or buried underground. The entire application process can be performed on site, which is convenient for construction and operation, and is easy to be controlled by the construction personnel, and the process is relatively simple.

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