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Seamless steel pipes are not as heavy as you think

Posted by:Rain Time:2020.03.17 21:41

Due to industrial production and people's daily life, cities produce more sewage. The sewage will be treated through sewage pipes in the city. In the construction of environmental treatment projects, sewage systems often occupy a large proportion of investment. The pipes used in the sewage system are not ordinary steel pipes, but seamless steel pipes, because only seamless steel pipes can meet the requirements of the sewage system.

The corrosion resistance of seamless steel pipe is very good, because the seamless steel pipe will also be inspected for corrosion resistance during processing. Is to put the pipeline into the acid solution for performance testing. In this way, the discharge of acidic or alkaline substances in sewage can be satisfied.

Whenever you mention seamless steel pipes or see seamless steel pipes in your impressions, you will feel that the seamless steel pipes are heavy and heavy. But in fact, although seamless steel tubes are not very lightweight, they are not so heavy.

Because seamless steel pipe is a long steel with a hollow section and no seams around it. As an economical use of steel, the seamless steel pipe is not solid-cast inside, and part of the seamless steel pipe is mid-altitude. That is to say, some places that were originally steel have become hollow sections. This will definitely reduce the weight of the pipeline itself.

The bar steel bar was finalized, and the domestic steel market ushered in favorable conditions. However, there are also some factors that need to be vigilant, such as the continuous decline in steel exports. Rising steel prices have weakened export advantages, and Trump's rise to power may have caused trade frictions that have been perennial, further increasing.

In the future, under the guidance of optimistic expectations of steel demand, superimposed resumption of production and replenishment due to improved profits, iron ore is expected to remain strong.

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