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Features of Spiral Welded Pipe Production

Posted by:Rain Time:2020.03.20 02:04

Spiral welded pipe, a pipe whose welding seam is spirally distributed with respect to the axis of the pipe body. It is mainly used for conveying pipes, pipe piles and some structural pipes.

The characteristics of spiral welded pipe production are:

(1) A variety of outer diameter pipes can be produced with strips of the same width;

(2) The straightness of the pipe is good, and the size is more accurate. The inner and outer spiral welds increase the rigidity of the pipe body, so the sizing and straightening process is not required after welding;

(3) Easy to realize mechanization, automation and continuous production;

(4) Compared with other equipment of similar scale, it has a small size, takes up less land and investment, and is faster in construction;

(5)   Compared with the straight seam welded pipe of the same size, the weld length per unit length of the pipe is longer, so the productivity is lower.

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