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Uses of seamless tubes of various materials

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Seamless pipes are divided into the following varieties due to their different uses:


Seamless pipe for fluid transfer. Mainly used in engineering and large-scale equipment to transport fluid pipelines.


Seamless tubes for low and medium pressure boilers. Mainly used in industrial boilers and domestic boilers to transport low and medium pressure fluid pipelines.


Seamless tubes for high-pressure boilers. Mainly used in power station and nuclear power station boilers which are resistant to high temperature and high pressure fluid transfer headers and pipes.


Gas cylinders with seamless tubes. Mainly used for making various gas and hydraulic gas cylinders.


Seamless pipe for oil cracking. Mainly used in petroleum smelting boilers, heat ex-changers and pipelines for transporting fluids.


Cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless tubes. It is mainly used for mechanical structure and carbon pressure equipment, which requires high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish.


Cold drawn seamless tube shaped tube. It is mainly used to make various structural parts and parts. Its material is high-quality carbon structure and low alloy structure.


Stainless steel seamless pipes for fluid transport. Mainly used for pipelines carrying corrosive media.


Stainless steel seamless tubes for boilers and heat ex-changers. It is mainly used in boilers, super-heaters, heat ex-changers, condensers, and catalytic tubes of chemical companies. High temperature, high pressure, and corrosion resistant pipes.

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