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Pipeline encapsulation

Posted by:Rain Time:2020.06.04 17:32

After the pipeline is laid, if the buried depth is relatively shallow or there are other pipeline crossings around the pipeline, the pipe group should be encapsulated and reinforced, and the concrete should be encapsulated on both sides and top of the pipeline. When doing encapsulation, there must be sufficient strength and stable formwork. After initial setting, remove the formwork. The encapsulation deviation should be less than 5mm.


Concrete must be accurately mixed, evenly mixed, densely poured, and properly maintained. Side encapsulation and top encapsulation should be continuously poured together. Reinforce concrete after tying the steel bars on the outside and top of the pipe group. Generally, the concrete is encapsulated at the part crossing the obstacle or too close to the road surface.


The joint of the curved pipe should be in the straight section as much as possible. If it cannot be avoided, the joint must be encapsulated. The length is not less than 500mm, you can encapsulate all of it, the encapsulation thickness is generally 80-100mm.

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