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Principles of penetration testing

Posted by:Rain Time:2020.06.09 23:49

After the surface of the part is coated with the penetrating liquid containing fluorescent dye or coloring dye, under the action of capillary, after a period of time, the penetrating liquid can penetrate into the defects of the surface gap; remove the excess penetrating liquid on the surface of the part, and then apply the image on the surface of the part Agent. Similarly, under the action of the capillary, the developer is used to attract the permeate remaining in the defect, and the permeate penetrates back into the developer. Under a certain light source (ultraviolet light or white light), traces of permeate at the defect are displayed (yellow-green fluorescence or bright red), thereby detecting the shape and distribution of the defect.


Pretreatment (remove oil stains, paint, rust, etc. on the surface of the work-piece to keep the test piece fully wet to form a film of penetrating liquid)-penetration-cleaning-visualization-observation.

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