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Significance of Heat Treatment Process of Petroleum Casing

Posted by:Rain Time:2020.06.19 00:20

The emergence of oil casings can be used as a pipeline for transporting raw materials in addition to oil extraction. In order to strengthen the quality of oil casings, every link in the production process is particularly important. Especially during temperature control during the period, it must be strictly followed Regulation mastery.


Heat treatment is the most important process in the process of petroleum casing processing. Whether the performance and quality of the finished product can be achieved depends largely on the results of heat treatment. Therefore, various manufacturers have very strict requirements on the heat treatment process, and they dare not slacken. Sometimes low-temperature quenching can be used for quenching. Low-temperature quenching can effectively remove the residual stress of the petroleum casing, which not only reduces the degree of deformation of the work-piece after quenching, but also can process the petroleum casing into raw materials more suitable for later processes. Therefore, the current achievements of oil casing are inseparable from heat treatment. Since the processing procedure of heat treatment, whether it is the impact toughness, damage resistance or tensile strength of oil casing, there has been a lot of improve.

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