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Straight seam steel pipe cutting method and its advantages

Posted by:Rain Time:2020.06.24 02:59

The common method of cutting straight seam steel pipes is gas cutting, which uses the heat generated by the combustion of oxygen and acetylene to melt the cut metal at high temperature to produce iron oxide slag, and then blows the slag away from the metal with a high-pressure oxygen gas flow. The straight seam steel pipe is cut.


The gas cutting tool for cutting straight seam steel pipe is cutting torch. According to the different pressure of acetylene, it is divided into two types: jet suction type and isobaric type. We commonly use jet suction type cutting torch. The oxygen for gas cutting is supplied by an oxygen cylinder, and the acetylene gas is supplied by an acetylene cylinder or an acetylene generator.


Using gas cutting to cut straight seam steel pipe has high efficiency and easy operation. The cut section is relatively neat, but an oxide film will be attached to the cut surface. It needs to be removed before welding. In the process of installing straight seam steel pipes, gas cutting is commonly used to cut various straight seam steel pipes, steel plates, and profiles with large diameters.

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