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Turkey's steel pipe exports up by 4pct in January to April

Posted by: Time:2014.05.16 02:18

According to statistics released by the Turkish Steel Pipes Manufacturers’ Association, the country’s steel pipe exports totaled 629,182 tonnes in January to April period, rising by 4% Yoy driven by strong demand from Europe.

In the given period of time, the country’s export revenues generated by steel pipes amounted to USD 541.4 million up by 0.9% YoY. Meanwhile, Iraq remained the largest buyer of the Turkish steel pipes with 135,478 tonnes in January to April period, falling by 3% YoY.

In addition, the exports made to UK surged by 105% to 101,176 tonnes; those made to the US fell by 7% to 84,884 tonnes and those made to Romania jumped by 43.6% to 45,672 tonnes.

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