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Types of Flange Gaskets


A flange gasket is a type of gasket made to fit between two sections of pipe tha...... Read more »

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Steel market and exporting news March 2022


Monthly updates about steel market and exporting.... Read more »

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Types of Piping Material Available


Five of the most popular piping materials, as well as the conditions that each o...... Read more »

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Popular Metals for Welding


Welding is a complicated process, and there can be several pitfalls on the way t...... Read more »

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Which is stronger I beam or rectangular tube?


Rectangular tubing of the same weight as channel will be stronger and stiffer. R...... Read more »

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1045 VS 4140 Steel Comparison


1045 and 4140 have distinct chemical and mechanical characteristics which make t...... Read more »

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Three characteristics of carbon steel pipes


Before deciding on a particular metal for your industrial project, assess the vo...... Read more »

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What are uses of low carbon steel


Steel is the most commonly used metal in the world. But steel isn’t just one pro...... Read more »

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What is a Butterfly Valve and How Does it Work


Butterfly valves are a family of quarter-turn rotational motion valves that are ...... Read more »

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How stainless steel is made


​The exact process for a grade of stainless steel will differ in the later stage...... Read more »

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Four Types of Pipe Ends


The type of pipe end chosen will determine how it connects to other components a...... Read more »

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Chemical Composition of Steel


Steel is an alloy of iron and other elements. Some elements are intentionally a...... Read more »

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