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Advantages of TPEP anti-corrosion steel pipe

The outer layer of 3PE inner melt epoxy anti-corrosion steel pipe is based on steel pipe. The outer wall adopts a three-layer structure of polyethylene anti-corrosion, and the inner wall adopts hot-melt epoxy resin powder for anti-corrosion. Under the high temperature of 220 °C, a steel-plastic alloy layer is formed. , called TPEP anti-corrosion steel pipe.

1. Product advantages:

(1) TPEP anti-corrosion is an advanced anti-corrosion technology at home and abroad, and its service life is more than 50 years. The external 3PE anti-corrosion is imported from Russia, which has a history of nearly one hundred years, and the internal coating uses hot-melt epoxy powder coating, which has a history of more than 70 years.

(2) It can be well adapted to different terrains and has good flexibility.

(3) The installation is simple, the length of a single pipe can reach 12 meters, and the connection interface can be reduced by half.

(4) The inner wall is smooth and dust-free, which can meet the requirements of food quality.

2. Construction advantages:

(1) The requirements for basic construction conditions are low.

(2) The steel pipe has a large deflection and is laid in special environments such as swamps and rivers. When the local water level rises, groove welding can be used to improve construction efficiency and reduce construction costs.

3. Low overall cost

(1) The steel pipe excavation area is small, the requirements for the foundation are low, and the construction cost is reduced.

(2) The degradation life of polyethylene is more than 100 years, the service life is long, and the total cost is low.

(3) The inner wall of the steel pipe is made of nano-epoxy powder, and the coating has a self-cleaning function without fouling.

(4) The structure is simple and convenient, the sealing performance is good, and the bearing pressure is large.

According to usage data, considering head loss, the head of the TPEP anti-corrosion steel pipe is reduced, which saves electricity bills, reduces operating costs, and improves cost-effectiveness. In addition, there are the following advantages:

1. TPEP has a strong ability to adapt to the terrain, reducing the number of sand pads and saving costs.

2. The length of the TPEP anti-corrosion steel pipe is about 2-3 times that of the PCPP steel pipe, which reduces the interface and reduces the risk.

3. The TPEP welded steel pipe is integrated, the PCCP socket is convenient, and the ground settlement is easy to burst.

4. TPEP has a higher pressure resistance and can increase the flow rate, while PCCP has a lower pressure resistance.

5. The full coating of TPEP steel pipe does not require electrochemical protection, the PCCP pipe end steel ring and the pipe body steel are easy to corrode, so electrochemical protection is required, and the PCCP rubber ring is easy to age.

The corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of TPEP anti-corrosion steel pipes are superior to those of PCCP pipes, plastic pipes, steel pipes, and other steel pipes, and greatly reduce the operating cost and investment cost of the project, which is especially obvious in long-distance transportation, and the market prospect is very good, TPEP The anti-corrosion steel pipe has a high-cost performance, which has become the reason why it is widely used in various projects in China.

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